Tannenbaum Wedding {Reno/Tahoe Wedding Photographer}

This couples love story is such a romantic one. They met while they were both deployed in Afghanistan and engaged while on their R&R. What an unlikely place to find love!  They both serve in the Army.

Their wedding was beautiful; full of love, tears, and laughter. We strive to photograph couples who are as comfortable with each other as these two were. The first look was amazing! We had to keep the bride from running to her groom and the tears were surfacing in the groom’s eyes.

They had their wedding at the amazing Tannenbaum location. Rachel was very helpful and full of enthusiasm. They did a great job with the setting. All About the Music made the evening eventful and full of life. Tiers of Joy did a great job making the cake beautiful (and delicious!). Roundabout Catering made the most amazing food. St. Ives created a masterpiece of flowers.


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